Password & ID

I forgot my Matrimony ID / Password. What should i do?

Click on the "Forgot Password" link in the home page and enter your "E-mail address" or "Matrimony ID". Your "Matrimony ID" and "Password" will be

mailed to you immediately.

Your Email address should be the one given in your profile.

How do I change my password?
  • Login using your "Matrimony / Email ID" and "Password".

  • On the "Amhi Teli" page in the left of the page,"Username" subhead, Click on "Change Password".

  • Enter your current password.

  • Enter your new password and confirm the same. Click on "Change Password" button.

  • Your new password will be activated immediately and can be used from the next time you login.

Why am I not able to login? Why is the message "Invalid Matrimony ID / E-mail ID" or "Incorrect Password" being displayed?
  • The password you have entered might be wrong. Alternatively, you might be having the CAPS LOCK "On". Please check whether the password

  • is entered in the correct case (Upper or Lower).

  • Please ensure that there are no spaces in the Matrimony ID typed. For e.g., it should be A123456 not A 1234 56.

  • If you have forgotten your password, please click on the "Forgot Password" link to retrieve the same

  • The E-mail ID you are using to login must be the same one with which you had registered on the website. Alternate E-mail IDs will not function.

Can I choose my own Matrimony ID?

Every Matrimony ID is unique and is allocated by the system. You cannot choose your own matrimony ID since it is system generated. It cannot be

changed under any circumstance.

I'm registering for my sister/brother and me. Can we both have the same Matrimony ID?

A Matrimony ID identifies each person uniquely. Please register separate profiles for you and your sibling.

How long will it take to upgrade my profile, once I make the payment?

We will upgrade your profile as soon as we receive your payment. An e-mail confirming your upgradation will be sent to you.

Post / Courier

How do I make the payment through post / courier?

You can send cheque/DD along with your Matrimony ID to any of our addresses. Please send cheques in the local currency of the office to which it is

sent. Click here for addresses.

How long will it take to upgrade my profile if I have made the payment by Cheque/DD through post or courier?

We will upgrade your profile once we receive your payment. If you have made the payment and your profile is still not upgraded, kindly contact our

franchise officeor send a mail to along with your payment details.

Modify Profile

How do i modify my profile?
  • To modify your profile contents,

  • Login using your "Matrimony / Email ID" and "Password"

  • On the "My Matrimony" page click on the "Edit Profile" option in the right navigation bar.

  • You can modify the profile contents that are displayed and confirm it by clicking on the "Update Profile" button.

Are there any restrictions on modifications?

All members are restricted from changing their gender. All other contents can be modified by the member as often as they wish to do so.

How do I change a photo in my profile?
  • Login using your "Matrimony / Email ID" and "Password"

  • Click on the "UploadPhoto" link under the space reserved for your Photo.

  • Click on the "Upload Photo" link below the photo you wish to change.

How do I protect my photo?
  • Login using your "Matrimony / Email ID" and "Password" and save your password then you can protect your image safely.